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Classification of Indian state people

well one advantage of studying in a private engineering university is that you get to know a lot of people from differeent states,here i summarize them


MOTTO-live life king size

well if u ask a chandigarhian , what is capital of USA ,he might say paris...but you ask him about clothing brands he will sabotage your image with his fashion knowledge...
bhagat singh and honey singh are youth icons (raghu being next)
the chiks are hot but dumb...in short wallpaper girls...the guys are fun loving ,saying no to liquor is a cardinal sin and they are always ready to pop their coc* out..


MOTTO- a penny saved is a penny earned

people are really innocent and  hardworking that is why they make the best businessman in the country..
,always ready to help but a marwadi lives his life to get his daughter get married..their marriages take place at large scale..with their success directly proportional to no of sweets in marriage and amount of transaction between two parties, a.k.a -"beti ki khushi"...if you are a guy and not married till 24 , there are chances that you might be impotent...all kinds of superstitions have a special liking for this place..


MOTTO- life is a business

thanks to gujrati mates...floral and colourful shirts still find their market... their are only two ways to earn
1.do business
2.do papppa ka business
people are foodie..sweet being the national taste of gujrat

p.s -girls look awesome in backless in dandia nights


MOTTO-"quitting is never an option"

buy yourself a helmet when talking to jat,because a jat's anger and japan's earthquake come without a warning signal..these heavy built men are men of steel , they will never quit ...and fight till their head is blown into pieces..pure hearted people but language is nowhere close to pure,and sometimes you will offended even when they are complementing you..


MOTTO- zindagi milegi na dobara..

if a child cant either sing, write,paint, act,dance or play football,he is declared mentally and physically unfit...travelling is a hobby (the ones mentioned above are traits)...
girls are seductive and the elder ones can even kill you when it comes to bargaining..
fish is the staple food and durga puja is a carnival worth watching..


MOTTO- winning is importnat, either by hook or by CROOOK

whether a bihari is milking a buffalo or he is stealing the fodder , he will do it with utmost dedication and hard work..the reason why maximum IAS selections and spams are from this state..


MOTTO- spice is a way of living

gosh...i love the way they speak hindi...they are always tension free and ready to crack a joke ..
and they cant survive without that spicy biryani...


MOTTO-simple living high thinking

people are god fearing and discipline is a virtue...compared to other parts,women are respected..
you will find even a sweeper wearing tonnes of gold...
if you think you have guts try to abuse rajnikant in a local train...
Karunanidhi versus jayalallitha has always been a source of entertainment


MOTTO-survival of the smartest

well it would be unfair on my part to classify them in one category,because we have people from all india here..but still i will classify them into two

1.the yo yo people
2.desi people

the former would greet you by saying wassup and bid bye by saying see yaaa... and the latter would
say teri bhen di ..irrespective of the occasion you meet him.
the former likes to show off whatever brands he possess and the latter believes in jugaad..
one goes to greater kailash and south ex on weekends and the other is happy with land of masakallli..
girls are all the same...they are always on seventh heaven and attitude is their usp..


  1. So true...this is what India is all about cultural and ethnic diversity...!!!

  2. I was scrolling down fast to see what you've written about the omnipresent Mallu (people from Kerala)

  3. How could you miss MUMBAI.��.. Was eger to read about my city.


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