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                                                           Movie review
Agent vinod- 3/5
one time watch

So  after  sunny  paaji’s hero , the indian spy is back …and this time he is wearing better Armani and Versace  coats …travelling across 15 different nations and driving the fastest  cars…so is this time we have our desi  James bond..naa we  are still far from it..Though saif’s macho moves and kareena’s curves (whooooooooo..)  are highly appreciable…but the story  is too overly written and our favourite enemy Pakistan is again targeted( TOI may sue the script writer for not spreading “AMAN KI ASHA”)

saif  has got only one clue ..the no 242 , special thanks to ravi kishan, the bihari dude for sacrificing his life for the the clue..So our agent vinod unfolds the mystery with his wits and comes to know that’s no 242 is an auction no for an old urdu poetry book..(who pays for poetry in India…???i m still bankrupt..)..which is ultimately a detonator of a bomb..Nuclear bomb (typical Indian mentality..chotte motte bomb to fodne hi nhi hain…).. I doubt, the hot blondes in the movie know what is a nuclear bomb and how it even works...(If you are in the same category ,it works on the principle of nuclear fission..For further knowledge …www.wikipedia.com)
Ultimately the lashkar people are blamed to be behind it, and the movie makers decide to plant the bomb in world’s best city..no prizes for guessing it to be Delhi..Mr. nuclear bomb is being planted at Connaught place…and saif, ultimately finds it...Indian spy knows how to fly a helicopter and he is taking the chopper outside the city…kareena also known as iram , shot half  an hour ago is still alive and waiting for saif’s call…saif finally calls and after having useless conversation for 2 minutes and in the , the last 20 seconds of the bomb to explode, asks kareena for the password to diffuse the bomb…and lady luck always work for Indian heroes and he survives..Indian heroes never die, if an Indian would have made titanic, leornardo would have never died and we could have enjoyed more sketches of foreign beauties in its sequel…still I l say , agent vinod is worth a onetime watch…I hope kareena reads my blog…love her since “chamak challo”

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