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Why I became a vegetarian?

It’s been almost six months now since I became a plant eater, but the upheaval it has created in my social circle is still afresh. My reception at home has not been a very pleasant one. Every relative or friend I meet, tries to convey me with his own unique theory to switch back to killing animals. 

“Beta,abhi to tumhaare khaane ke din hain,50 ke baad chood dena”
“Thoda thoda khaana chahiye,jyaada mat khao”
“Ye jaanvar to bane hi marne ke liye hain”
“Non veg na khaane se insaan,dheela ho jaata hain”
“Lagta hain iska kisi vegetarian tamil Brahmin se chakkar chal raha hain”

When words don’t work, they seduce me with every mouth-watering chicken dish available in this planet.  Apologetic looks from others, sometimes gives me nightmares that my hands and legs are chained and others are trying to stuff the chicken leg piece into my mouth. If such a frugal act can create such a fuss, I wonder what will be the situation if I declare celibacy or elope with an outcast girl.

So why did I quit eating non vegetarian food??In real sense, I have not quit anything. you actually never quit anything,you just move to a higher level.Suppose now you own a Maruti 800.In some time if you become financially affluent, you might buy a Honda city, and in later run you might own a BMW.Does it means you have quit Maruti? No, you bought a BMW because you are competent enough to drive maximum happiness out of your life. Similar is the case with me.

My happiness was defined and limited to chicken. Party for me was synonymous with chicken. A Paneer on the table instead of chicken would drop my endorphin and dopa-mine levels. Earlier it was my taste buds that received sensory happiness. Now I drive a better happiness.

There is a greater satisfaction that I am being compassionate towards animals, a sense of gratification that I care for my health and not knowingly imposing myself to deadly diseases, gratitude towards the mother earth and a feeling of service towards poor.
If you understand it, well and good. Otherwise, Kanna please keep calm and at least respect my constitutional “Right to eat” (If it exists)

Go green!


The Power-Fire ball"

                                                           The power-fire ball

Power is the ability to attract and redirect thoughts into action. The attachment to materialism and desires gives birth to the power. Thus power lust is inevitable. How we quantify power is a subject to reference frame of different societies and ecosystems. It could be quantified with money, respect, love, fame or ideas etc.

 “Power is like a fireball, if channelised precisely it is constructive energy, if misguided it is a catastrophe.”
Power like everything in the universe has both the extreme ends. It is black (+)as well as white(-).

(+)Great prophets like Jesus, Buddha and Mohammad to leaders like Gandhi and Mandela possessed the power and have shaped history, and people who possess the power will continue to mould the future. But power has repercussions and obsessions attached to it.

(-)The real test of strength and character of a man is his actions when he has been handed the power. He might subdue the weaker ones for his motive and prove his mettle. Hitler killing the Jews to corrupt politicians scavenging people’s money and life. Nuclear weapons proliferation to male dominance around the world throughout history. Horrible boss at the office to an everyday example of man killing an animal for taste buds is testimony to the fact that the power lust blindfolds the mankind.

If power is a fireball, discontentment (+/-) is a fuel to it. A handful people earn great wealth (+/-) and riches, so tremendous that they can’t spend their entire money in their lifetime, even if they wish to. But they are never satiated by their possession, because money is not just a method of exchange, it generates power.

When the power is seized or denied, the soul cries for it. Man keeps pouring the fuel of discontentment to himself. Either he patiently (+) rubs the stones to create the spark or slips into the hollowness and accepts the state. In extreme cases it is suicidal.
The only way to control the power and save yourself from it, is to keep lighting the lamps of souls who lack it

But no matter what you do or intend to do, you always seek some kind of a power. The journey for the attainment of power will burn you the extent you desire it, question that matters is,

                       “Is the burn worth it? “ 

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