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Morning schedule of a hostel student

(my room)

While rest of the world start their day with a hot cup of tea,ours is not the same.After 5-6 loud ringing alarms you wake up next to an ugly looking guy with short boxers exposing hairy legs in a hostel room.
Then its time for the morning chores,you move slowly towards that dreaded  hostel washroom .Dreaded because even you are not sure what flavour you will get to see behind that toilet door which is at 60 degree angle..after a daredevil act of pushing that door , there is  a sigh of relief to  find a clean pot..otherwise the first words from  vocal chords have to be censored..then its time for brushing the teeth..while most brush in the normal bathroom sink, some innovative guys like me like to brush near the drinking water tank...the best part is spitting the paste in corridor from 7th floor with a projectile...

Now its time to bathe away the night sins..we stand in a never ending queue ,banging the bathroom doors without any response from the other end .after standing for 15 mins and you are just about to give up, suddenly a dark guy  with male bo*bs completely wet would come out of that door .so finally you enter that bathroom with an open window and can feel the cool breeze as you are undressing yourself..there is a high probability that you bathroom wont have a shower and so you will have to bathe with a streamlined water coming from the pipe that can even hurt sometimes if projected directly to delicate organs..now it's  time to dress up, so you open your wardrobe and jump at your best shirt... and then smell it..smell it???to check whether its clean enough to wear in the class...then you tell yourself.."dude, there are no girls in your class, doesn't matter...no one gives a damn , what you wear"... after dressing up and headphones plugged, you move towards the class skipping the breakfast maximum times because you have A.I.D.S( attendance is dead short)...you reach the class and see a thick black mustached professor giving you dirty looks because you are 300 seconds late..now its not the time to salvage your self respect and you have to beg for that attendance sometimes even to the extent of a promise to write an assignment on some out of the world topic..the begging works and you are allowed to the class..finally you have conquered your morning ...now the sleeping session beg

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  1. even i live in a hostel in an engineering college only, so i could complete relate to it but nonetheless hostel life is one of the best things i would say


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