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top ten things that changed in last 20 years..

well as i complete two decades on this planet next week , i look back at top things that changed in past 20 years in India..

1. camera  vaala mobile...

having a cell phone (camera or no camera) is like having an organ of your body..either u have it or you are physically challenged..no offences..we cant survive without this gadget even a day..so the next evolution in human body would be to have an in-built standard mobile

2.sheila and munni becomes house hold entity

sheila and munni have crept into our drawing rooms even with their negligible clothes , and i must say say we are lucky ones to see their jawaani...i mean their dance  even with our parents sitting on the  next couch in the same room..

3. the malls and the McDonalds

thanks to globalization ,malls and  McDonalds  mushrooming in every town ..every weekend we can proudly say that we went to world class food joint at the best hangout place in city...without causing a hole to our pocket...

4.condoms coming in flavors

chocolate,strawberry,vanilla,green apple,etc, etc..hey these are no ice-cream flavours anymore..the land of kamasutra is enjoying all the flavours available... :p

5.sms, messanger, orkut nd then Facebook

1991-kabootar ja ja ja...
2012-even that same kabootar is having a fb account now...with messages becoming free,internet becoming our solace.. we humans have found a new way to express ourselves... we speak less write more..
lol...(laugh out loud)..90%  when i m using it in text , i m not even smiling..

6.anandi getting married, bahu becoming saas

with privatization of indian television ...the idiot box became more idiot.. a demon called ekta kapoor and her obsession   for letter K..the indian audience was more interested in tulsi and parvati's family rather than their own ...

7.coaching classes ...

it started with learn english in 40 days, then learn computer in 2 months and finaly they are manufacturing engineers...and as i read in rev 2020 ..there are some coaching classes to join coachings also..phewwwwww
are we this dumb...?

8.shah rukh khan..and the romance

well i personally dont like him much....but if  u cant love her like shahrukh ..ur not her man ..well every girl who grew up watchin him expects that high standards of love ..or i must say he redefined what love is ...his arms waving in air is still an epic...

9.the sachin tendulkar..

finally common man had something to cheer for..finally one amongst us was number one..his stay at the crease made billions of fans glued to their tv sets.....he made every record that was possible..


..it means  our crave for reducing the size of things.. whether it is our televisions getting flat or kareena going size zero..or bungalows turning into flats..with remarkable development in semiconductors and our need for more space... size of every thing we used got reduced...

-animesh shah

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