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THEORY OF GIRLS : why girls ditching rate is increasing..???

WARNING: this is a completely male chauvinist post ,so the writer does not take any responsibility if it hurts your girly feelings..

I still remember the days in  1990's and early 2000's ,when my older folks used to tell me stories about  a macho flamboyant guy  felling in love with a girl and then he used to breakup with the girl for some bullshit reason (in most cases,he fell for some other sexy girl..) and then his ex gf would sob for days, attempt suicide and still wait for him to come back.
sorry boys your golden days are over. Since last two years I have observed a trend that neither of my friend or acquaintance in my friend circuit has ditched a girl..And this statement comes with a hundred percent guarantee in LDR( long distance relationship).So why is it happening...??? are we becoming less masculine..no..are we spending less talk time..?? (i mean spending less time to understand the feelings..)..nopes....
So inspired by my book THEORY OF MACHINES .I come up with a new theory called THEORY OF GIRLS  .So whats this theory about

 "It states that attraction of girl towards a boy is directly proportional to the power generated by the boy in girl's vicinity (nearby surroundings) and inversely proportional to the distance between the two"


ATTRACTION = G  * POWER GENERATED(nearby surroundings) / distance between the two

where G=girl's constant 

G depends on the type of girl


if ur a part of an organization
1.lets say a school..there are very high chances that your girl would be attracted towards a bully or the so called stud...because he generates a power
2 .If you are in a coaching class,there are chances that your girl would fall for the guy who scores good marks.*
*( and he does not look 2 geek )..because he generates a power
3.If you are in  friendly group,there are chances that ur girl would fall for the most humorous or liveliest person..
because he generates a power.
4.If you are part of an organization like AISEC, VOICE, ART OF LIVING..etc etc or any other group,your girl would be attracted towards the guy in top position..because he generates a power..

So this simplifies somewhat why are girls breaking up.Its because you are losing your power you possessed earlier and it has nothing to do with your any body muscles : p 

There was a dialog in hum tum: " har kaamyab ladke ki peeche ,ek ladki ka haath hota hain....kyuki ladkiyaa nakaamyaab ladko ke saath nhi hoti  "
See i m no cassanova.,no playboy,no expert in these topics  but start generating power if you want your girl.Free advice hain , leni ho to lo..otherwise.....

-Animesh Shah


  1. Your blog is very cool ....... keep up the good work man ......:)

  2. Dude you are amazing... Happen to see your blog after felling in a shit hole... Anyhow i am amazed and appreciate your spectacular work over this Yuva Indian Writer... Your theories are hilarious but makes one think... Keep up bro...


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