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"The Rat Race of Indian Student"

Once upon  a recent time,a child named Chatur in a country called  India,worked diligently to score grades and led a balanced life. An average student,he was content and happy with his life.But like all good stories,he encountered a villian.The dark lord in his life was no human,it was a typical Indian phenomenon of higher and secondary standard called "The Boards".Yes, you heard it correct..boards...boards ....boards.....( hope you are not sweating after reading the word)
Chatur's Father: "Beta Sirf boards ke liye pad lo,aage life set hain
( my son,just study for your boards exams,life is a heaven thereafter)

.He was made to join innumerable crap tutions clasees which taught him some impractical ways to mug up maths theorems. He crams up throughout the year and gets the much hyped 90.0000% in exams including 100 in English.We are carbon printing Shakespears & Dickens every year .Thanks to students committing suicides throughout year ,Government has subsidized marks to save the youth child.

He couldn't  find any paradise,instead he was pushed into a hell.
The next big question is bombarded to Chatur from his father-beta,which branch are you choosing science or science or something else.
It's a dilemma, choosing the latter option implies opting commerce , humanities or any other existing branch, is like self opting for other backward class category without 27% reservation.He ponders about remaining two,taking science part 2 (medical) means he will have to slog and work selflessly,spend his father's life earned income to lead a life of a saint.
.Chatur says-"hmm this is impossible for me..." Lets be an engineer

Chatur's Father: "Beta Sirf IIT ke liye pad lo,aage life set hain
( my son,just study for your IIT exam,life is a heaven thereafter)

He enters the realm of aspiring  IITians and applies for many coaching classes. He joins the one with plethora of ugly faces as their marketing strategy.I mean the most brilliant IIT minds who are not perturbed about their looks..no offence.His rat race has begun ,remember the line..THE RAT RACE..the race against 13 lakh engineering aspirants who cant even figure out why they even want to be an engineer, I guess its because Chetan Bhagat also went to an engineering college once.

The coaching classes are like dementors, extracting happiness out of his life.He has quit all his passions and lost all his versitality and vigor in the process to be an engineer.Our Chatur,the slave of coaching is struggling to even pass in school but still cramming the coaching material because our national textbooks cant teach what our national competitions expect.Are we manufacturing engineers or cloning donkeys.

"engineering is a journey,its not a destination"
92.78 % of the B.tech/B.E students believe they are not born to be an engineer.They wont opt to be an engineer if they had a time machine.

Chatur's Father: "Beta Sirf engineering ke liye pad lo,aage life set hain
( my son,just study engineering sincerely ,life is a heaven thereafter)

Indian students spend hours to answer questions what,how,where,who but they forget to introspect the most important question "Why"? .Why they want to be an engineer.What else?
Special guidance should be provided to a 15 year old to unravel his passion in life.He should be made aware about various career options.Its stringent time that we should stop playing safe.Fear motivation should be replaced with growth motivation.
                                                    S.O.S  ENGINEERING!!

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