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Girls rule facebook

Facebook which is now part and parcel of our daily routine  has completely changed our life , or in fact I should say has given us a new life .For every person there are two identities –first ,being the real identity and second, the virtual facebook identity. It has helped us to connect with the existing friends, make new ones and be updated about them (gratitude to mark zuckernberg for all this) .But there is one thing that mark and face book has done in India which neither our social reformers, nor Amir khan could do and that is – “It has given equal status to women or much more beyond it in our second virtual world”

For example:-


Jessica ‘s wall
 352 pending friend requests, 25 notifications, 80 unread messages

J essica  - I want a puppy!!!
56 people likes this, 73 comments
Dimpi :-  shoo cute…l
Jessica:- @Dimpi -love u sweetie!!muaah muaah
Dikshant:- I will get you one…
Rahul :-   take me home…
Saurabh:- bow bow!!!

Jessica added a new photo
151 people likes this ,85 comments

Sakshi: -wow!omg! lukin  beautifulJ
Jessica:- @Sakshi -love u sweetie!!muaah muaah
Prakash:-I m confused, which is cuter..the puppy or you??
Saurabh:-bow bow bow!!!

My intention here is not to criticize Ms.jessica or any other girl posting pictures(I do love them),but what bothers me is the growing number of fake women profiles as my home page is getting flooded with their requests.
So what makes a guy go to extent of losing his masculinity in face book???
As William James once said:  “the deepest principle in human nature is the craving to get appreciated”.
Girls do get their desired share of appreciation for their pictures, status, comments or anything they scribble on facebook.
But when it comes to boys they are starved of the appreciation they deserve and even if they do, it depends on their nature and the social circle possessed by the boy more than the content he posts.
For example:-


Avanish ‘s wall
0 friend request, 3 messages and 2 notifications
Avanish:- "Aggression only with control and direction leads to progression"-avanish gupta

Avanish and 2 others like this, 3 comments
Vinyas gupta:- nyc bro..
Saket:-khaa se copy maara be???
Avanish :-thanks everyone for the likes..

Avanish added a new photo

Avanish and 3 others like this, 5 comments
Vinyas gupta:- nyc bro…
Saket:- jaipur kab gyaa??
Aman:-hmmm…nyc place
Avanish:-thanks everyone for the likes…

It is every individual’s right to like what he/she likes, but i just request every one to
“Save the boy child  and do like their filthy pictures before they get extinct on facebook
(P.S:  boys  getting more than 75 likes for their pictures should surely try for modelling)


  1. way to go....no point saying this as guys are the ones liking girls updates etc. lolz

  2. a big laugh from my side for this post :D nicely explained but 352 pending friend's request don't u think its too much to mention?:D

  3. @jasmeet,had to exaggerate to get that big laugh from you:p

  4. LOL:)..shows the mentaliy of this generation:)


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