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Why so serious??

Why so serious???

The modern man has numerous problems but most of them have been self cultivated in which we neither have control , nor is a matter of our concern directly, still we like to feed on them and cherish the agony of their existence..
For example:

  • Slump in Indian economy ,
  • Hike in Petrol prices 
  •  The daily soap heroine being tortured,
  • Scoring a mark less in exam
  • The girl next door didn't accept your friend request
  • Uski saree meri saree se safed kaise??(Why her robe is whiter than mine??)

Everybody likes to shape his life for better and while doing so problems exist like a game of crossword to find a solution but  there are certain trifle ones whom if we ignore can help us to focus on bigger ones and make us live more freely .
Ok lets play a game and I request you to list down all the problems that you faced in last one year..
How many do you remember??
Well I don’t think most of us would even touch the double figure .But are these the only problems that gave you wrinkles and theft your smile. If you can’t even remember them, surely they are not much of your concern, so why worry about them?? So we are not that burdened as we think and just taking life a little more seriously than actually it is.

Wayne dyer  once said:- "It makes no sense to worry about things you have no control over because there's nothing you can do about them, and why worry about things you do control? The activity of worrying keeps you immobilized."

So next time you worry about something, just perform a simple test designed by one of the most budding psychologist* of our time.
ask your self following questions

           1.Do I have control over it?
           2.Does it really bother me?
          3.Will I worry about it an year later?
          4.Is there no way out of this?
          5Am I that wicked and stupid that no one will help me solve this?
          6.Has god been unfair at giving me these problems??( not applicable for atheists)

If the answers are in negative, then don’t give a damn and just take the required action to solve them. And if the answers are in positive, then give yourself a break and do the activity that gives you the most pleasure. After doing so, you will feel relaxed and will have the strength to fight the existing ones.

Written with the hope to see a happier world!!

*-animesh shah


  1. Well its easier said than done. I want to ask you only don't you get worried, get tensed about problems for which the answers are negative. Life is all about this only. You can't always be happy.In fact it is good to be little nervous and tensed as it keeps you in an alert position and indeed helps you perform better( you might check this on the net).If we think that that today's problem is not going to matter after one year i surely believe this ain't the right way to live.Yes articles like these does give one some motivation for a moment when one is down or feeling blue but for any normal human i don't think this is possible. Nice try anyways...!!!

  2. avanish i think you didn't read the article properly , what i meant was to neglect unnecessary and avoidable trifle problems and focus on the major ones,anyways thanks for the comment..!

  3. haha...animesh i think you didn't read my comment properly rather than me yours.I have clearly mentioned and asked in the first line of my comment about the problems for which the answers are negative as per your psychological game which i think means "unnecessary and avoidable trifle problems " only.

  4. being a human even i do get tensed about some of them, but i try my best not to worry about them to the extent that it affects my life,and even i m slowly learning not to worry about them at all because there are certain problems that can be surely avoided to live freely. I request my readers the same..

  5. well said i agree most of the problems are created by ourselves..we tend to take life a lil too seriously

  6. Thanks for the comment miss alka

  7. in my case
    things are different
    i dont face any problem
    dont know why ???

    i dont know why take their lives so seriously
    live free!!!!!!!!!

  8. hope u continue like this aryan

  9. Given enough time most of the problems solve themselves


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