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Uncertainties of a 20 year old

 After completing two decades in this planet, every 20 year old comes across a situation when he is  completely clue less about what’s happening in his life and there are some uncertainties that keep haunting him in some dead corner of his subconscious mind…

  1. “murgi kya jaane ande ka kya hoga,life milegi ya saala fry hoga”
No matter how hard you work and how much confidence you possess, you are still not sure where your jump is exactly going to land. You are not sure where your career is heading towards; all you can do is just try to scrap some marks which even don’t guarantee a gateway to a stable future. You try to explore all the options like-
 Whether to go for placements,
If placements, either public sector, private sector, core job etc
 Or to go for further studies
 If further studies, either MBA, M.Tech, PHD whatever…
 And if further studies whether in India or abroad…
“Confusion hi confusion hain solution kuch pata nhi”
Even after exploring all the options, it’s very difficult to make a firm decision  

 2.”Why this kolaveri, kolaveri di???”
If you are committed   , you are not sure  whether your relationship will go to next level or your “love “ will say very soon –“it’s not working anymore, I think we should be just good friends”(lolz) but you still try to drag your relationship will all efforts, just to sustain it .
If you are single, there is a high probability that your high testosterone levels and peer pressure will force you to fall for a girl, and there is a higher probability, that girl won’t fall for you …(ok,this was a little personal)..Jokes apart, but there is again an uncertainty whether you will get that coveted princess or not

3."kitna badal gyaa insaan"

All your friends which a world cup ago were very innocent, has now started to grow horns … so there is always an uncertainty where your words and actions might backstab you .There will be many people 
Who will laugh with you and have a gala time with you but there is no certainty that who will save your soul when it comes at the price of their own..

 4. “Papa kehte hain, beta bada naam karega”

Insurmountable expectations from the parents, and there is nothing much you can really do to satisfy them..leave it apart.You are not petite enough to ignore ,nor mature enough in a position to help them either emotionally or financially…

well hope i tried to enlighten with some of the uncertainties what a 20 year old like me and those around me feel... if you fall in this dreaded age and have some similar experiences,please share so that i am assured that  i am not alone in this planet suffering from these symptoms..


  1. good gng bro keep up the good work... hope so i will be reading one more novel by a engineering student (nothing new)but it will from u that will make it special..

  2. @ashish-thanks bhai,filhaal t no intentions of writing any book
    @navin-glad you liked it

  3. nice post....loved the caption for each problem...humorous

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