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Fun in the classroom

With all the freedom and energy to conquer the world, college life is the most memorable and lively phase of one’s life. Hanging out with friends in canteen, bunking classes and going for movies, infinite longs talks in the hostel, those college affairs and breakups and much more. All these events when you look back make you nostalgic.
But as every coin has its flip side, one more event that acquires a large chunk of college life is the dreaded and boring lectures. Surviving the college lectures in India is not an easy job with a large species of frustrated professors in our classrooms, their monotonous style of teaching (which is a competition to the best sleeping pill available in the market) and their never ending threats for reducing the internal marks.
Over the past ten years surviving the lectures is growing as a skill. While my counterparts around 10 years ago could only doze off in the class room, over a period of time they started buying mobile phones (colour or no colour, camera or no camera) and soon texting evolved in the class rooms, later they bought slightly better versions of them, and gaming and Bluetooth transfer evolved (including all kinds of data transfer). Finally it is time for my generation now, my generation of internet in our mobiles. And those classrooms are not boring and monotonous anymore.
My fun packed classroom has many friends, friends with varied backgrounds and with varied interests, but “internet in mobile” comes to everyone’s salvage. Here is my classroom for you:-
 The bell for the period begins and a moustached professor with wrinkles on his forehead enters the classroom. With our mobiles strategically placed to avoid the visibility of the professor, it’s time for some action; it’s time for some fun. 
Most of the class is glued to cricinfo.com, as the match between India and Sri Lanka is alive again with virat kohli and his bat on fire. Aditya sitting on the second last bench of third row is browsing the pics of all the beautiful girls available on his facebook profile to whom he has never talked and there is a very slim chance of those beauties ever replying to him.  Adjacent to him, Vaibhav the flamboyant  Punjabi ,is downloading the latest album of “yo yo honey singh “  .Thanks to whatsapp Nikhil sitting ahead is enthralled in conversation with his girlfriend .Saurabh with his head down on table and earphones plugged in, is watching the trailer of “the dark knight rises” and “rowdy rathore”.Anshul at the other end is busy reading his daily dose of e-newspaper from  TOI app.Ankit , the class geek with his round thick spectacles is mugging second law of thermodynamics from  Wikipedia. Whereas me, sitting on the last page is logged into Indiblogger and promoting the posts as I read them one after another
I guess our generation has pioneered in making best use of time available in the lectures.And all this is possible because of mobile internet getting faster, better and cheaper. Thank you Vodafone for making my classroom –fun!

this post is in reference to indiblogger and vodafone's competition -"internet is fun"

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