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Delhi,please stop being raped!

“I don’t feel proud of Delhi anymore”, i am not the one quoting, this is what most of the status in my home page read. The recent Delhi rape case has literally raped its reputation. People addressing it as the rape capital of India.
So what after the rape? Do we start the blame game? Lets blame those lusty men, the weak government, the ignorant police or some might also blame the victimized girl for tempting the wolves..blah blah...bull shit.
I hereby declare that people of Delhi are responsible for every rape case. Forget rape; let’s accept we don’t respect our women, and we are so used to it that we don’t even sense it. The first significant change i felt when i moved from Delhi to Chennai was the fact that the men here actually treat their ladies with the respect they deserve. This respect is clearly visible in Chennai at any public place at any time of the day. No man in Chennai dares to sit on a seat reserved for women, it’s like losing your masculinity, in Delhi it’s the other way round, the poor lady sometimes literally begs for it and in return what she gets are few lewd comments. People close to her act as mere spectators. Why???

Delhi’s thought:-”if he has guts to say this,surely he has the guts to fight me and deep within i know that no body like me has the guts to fight for me..”

Delhi’s decision:-“chalta hain na,kya farak padta hain,ye to roz hi hota hain, meri maa ya behen thodi hain!”

And when it comes to some foreigner lady(a.k.a-gori chamdi)
Delhi’s decision:”ab to bilkul bhi farak nahi padta,ye to kahi se bhi meri maa ya behen nahi ho sakti”

So vicious circle of fear and ignorance continues, and ultimately gives the strength to our bad bad boys to try their next level of adventure and question our dead conscience.
 Suddenly we have flooded  Facebook with the rape posts,but earlier we were either  lazy or  ignorant to acknowledge the fact, that we top the rape case tally,25% of India’s  heinous act takes place in our capital city .At last not the least ,i can sense some agitation among the youth, raise your voice ,because if you don’t do it right now “agli baar kisi ki bhi maa,ya behen ho sakti hain”

P.S: please don’t pity the victimized girl, she is still a human, give her strength and love she deserves”
You don’t need to be batman to be a super hero and bring a change
A hero can be anyone. Even a MAN doing something as simple and reassuring as putting a coat around a little girl's shoulders to let her know that her world hasn't ended”. 

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