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What is this Conrods?

Personal diary
The winter holidays have begun and most of my counterparts have left for their homes, not before giving me sympathetic looks as if i have been deprived of free sponsored las Vegas tour.Thogh the maid has twice rejected my plea to clean my hostel room and mess staff have even stopped serving rasam, the reason for my stay at the land of rajni for my winter break is “The Conrods”
(So what is this Conrods?? Conrods is a team of 25 insane people (including me) working together, and not so together together to make an off-road all terrain vehicle that can withstand what even super-man cannot (batman might). Being modest, the team is defending champion of SAE  INDIA BAJA  competition and competing this year for nothing else, but retaining the championship title.)
Let me introduce the Conrods to you
 Prashant ,The captain cool does the all round work, the man with every jugaad .He considers all the new recruit juniors waste,completely waste.Likes to sing retro songs that would make any 1980’s girl blush.
A group of techies including Nitin,Vishnu,Pranith headed by Deepak who has special fascination for vernier callipers .While the rest of the world is busy playing fifa13 and nfs mw,these guys are enjoying with  their versions of games like solid works,pro-e,catia,adams  etc.They talk in language alien to me,and work diligently as if blessed by “jaadu”.
Centre of the fabrication bay we have a beautiful looking automobile chassis. The one entirely different from rest in the world. The one made by the BATMAN, not the bruce wayne , the dhaval Mehta(I am paid to write this). Sanity deprived, self proclaimed dude of our team who will ride our vehicle to victory.
They say hard work is the key to success, but sometimes laziness also does succeed .Varun ,the happy go lucky, “kya fark padta hain” guy is living example for the above read statement. Handling the ansys of the car, one can rely on him when it comes to cars’ safety. He might soon sue trolling world for using his patented bitch please smile.
The soft spoken, muscular Akshay  is the most delighted member of the team as he gets to work with brand new brake calipers.
The team’s bread ,butter and branding are taken care of by avichal,nimesh and naman.They make sure that the best team deserves the best.
Humais,the man blessed with golden arm and no facial hair .He can almost fix anything,makes sure that not even a nanometre of gap is left in any joint.
Prodigy Promit –the pocket size dynamite is handling the transmission along with the deccan charger Avsai pawan.
Suhas-the mr.discipline of team is the first to enter lab and last to leave,does not spare even a screw when it comes to handling the shop floor.
Asseem handling the steering likes to entertain diesel “the dog”. Inspired by great khali ,he might soon come with a translator.

Vishal,the lanky auto freak  handles the fabrication in his own terms.
Srivatsan,the prophecy kid is more efficient than ms word spell check when it comes to spotting errors.
Sandeep-the biker boy gets the best deal for the team,he has contributed a new word to the dictionary,a.k.a “BHAAYA”.
Avinash,another key member in fabrication,likes to use the “C” word with a frequency of 20 khz.
The concords,sorry conrods  has dikshay as the second driver,likes to make everyone laugh with his filthy jokes.
Sudeep,the electric bong  takes care of the the electronics of the car.
Shiva,the Richie rich of our team does all the out sourcing work with utmost efficiency,the man behind dhawal’s source of entertainment.
While this sums up our team, with Mustafa and Sethupathy sir giving weekly investigations to team’s proceedings.
 Well this was some use less information
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