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The Three Faced Man

                                           "THE THREE FACED MAN"
Every id fac""THE THREE FACED MAN"es.

FACE # 1
The first face ,man portrays to the world. It means how an individual projects himself, his existence, his physical appearance and his views to the other people in proximity of him. This is often guided by his confidence, surroundings and his social circle. I have observed many people who unwilling adopt different lifestyle, different choices, different people just to be socially acceptable as they are not proud and confident enough to be, what they really are.

FACE # 2
The second face ,man portrays to himself. It means what an individual thinks about himself. His actions are intended by his second face. This face is often taken as an excuse by people to hide their inner evil to them. There are many instances which are testimony to this fact. Some physically desperate and emotionally weak people get into relationships and justify their weakness as love to themselves. Many terrorists claim their religion to be source of motivation for the destruction but deep inside, it is their inner evil to see the world burn.

FACE # 3
The third face, even the man is not aware or afraid to accept . It is what the individual is actually deep inside. It refers to preferences that ultimately satisfy him without any excuse. It means those tasks that ultimately give him most pleasure.In other words,it is what lies in the sub conscience of human mind. 

The real person is one who is strong enough to accept himself and willing to make changes to his inner third face rather than making changes to his first face .The real person is one which has least difference between his three faces, rest all are living a life of fake identity. The most real person existing in this world is a child, because a child does what he wants to, he speaks what he wants to, without wearing the mask of sophistication, without fear of social acceptance and enjoys the fun of insanity.


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