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Why do boys need girls?

If you are a boy and reading this article, it does not have any content what you are thinking right now. And I know what you are thinking because I am man enough to know what other men folk think most of the time :P
So controlling my urge not to deviate from the topic, I ask
“Why do boys really need girls??
Answer: “because girls give boys the freedom of expression and act as a source of reception”
We boys are careless, arrogant, flamboyant creatures having diversified genres like sports, gadgets, automobiles to enjoy each other’s company. But as we grow, life becomes more and more complex and deep inside there is a desire to express oneself.
Now to whom do we boys express?
A) Best male friends.
B) Female friends.
At first we try A) and after some awful experiences we realise that we chose the wrong option. Why?
·         No matter how close your friend is, there will be an instance when that friend of yours will pull you leg for showing your “girly” feelings.
·         The guy on the other side is equally confused or dumb to understand what we really mean to say.
·         Our default manly ego is big enough, to not express our feelings to another man. So we hardly express our feeling to each other until unless we are drunk.
So eliminating option A)
We go for option b) and after some experiences we realize that
·         The lady on the other side is actually listening and trying to understand.
·         Her situation is even more complex and thus we can still possess our manly ego and be the superior sex.
·         Not even she is listening to our problems; she is even sharing her problems (most of them even don’t exist) and waiting for our valuable suggestions. This gives us a sense of coveted female importance.

The theory:-“girls give boys the freedom of expression and act as a source of reception” even applies to mothers. It’s the mother at the end of the day, to whom we really share everything and bond with, irrespective of how much we love our father.

And i hope you agree with me "Why boys need girls? " And yes we need them for everything else too.(pun intended) 


  1. finally the great mystery between girls and boys has been solved by none other than Mr. Shah...cool post...!!!

  2. we are waiting for the nxt article on every thing else!!!!!!

  3. even i am dying to write on everything else!!

  4. hmmm really.. but in our great nation wit hthe current things happening it seems Girls are needed for other things more than being friends

    Open letter to all Indians-Bikram's


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