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My Politics,My change..

A simple rule of economics states “demand is directly proportional to supply”. 
Over the past few decades our politicians have been luring the illiterate and oppressed vote banks with their ghissi pitti speech of “roti,kapda aur makaan”, caste creed and blah blah.
So they manage to fool around the fools and thrive for personal gains,and we just watch and  let them do so..
We get a poor bunch of politicians,because our majority vote bank demands meager stuff.

With India agitated over the series of scams, corruption and all the unfortunate happenings in the country, at the same time the speculations getting hot over the prime minister candidature of Rahul Gandhi and Narendra Modi in their respective parties for upcoming elections. It can be considered an opportunity or a  turning point in the cleansing of Indian politics.
Politics plays a very significant role in any country’s progress and it surely can’t be neglected by the people assuming it to be an utter waste .Blaming has not helped, neither being ignorant nor being mum has helped either.
So here are some steps that we can implement to bring a change in the Indian politics.
vote bank has always been trump card of our politicians .Low level of  literate and wise voter turn out can be considered a paralytic virus in framing an efficient government. We (literate youth) can vote incessantly for Indian idols, so why not vote once to avoid an Indian Idle.A strong literate voter turn out will surely have a positive effect in Indian politics in the longer run as it will contemplate politicians to take decisions considering literate vote bank in mind.

2.Being aware
Ignorance is the curse of God; knowledge is the wing wherewith we fly to heaven.
-William shakespare

Awareness not confined to just celebrities and page 3 parties, but nuts and bolts of the country.How can one be part of the solution,if one is not aware of the problem.

3.Making your voice heard

Be it social network or the protests, your voice causes  a chain reaction and thus leads to a sonic boom ,which can upheaval the strongest political injustice.So don't be a mere spectator and make your voice heard.

Believe in a better tomorrow
No matter how grieved you are, simply blaming the government and being ignorant would lead us nowhere, we need to be optimistic that if we religiously follow first three steps, sunny days of Indian politics are not a distant dream.


  1. hamara neta kaisa ho...animesh shah jaisa ho...!!!

  2. Agree with most of the points here. Love your energy :)


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