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My life "AGAIN I RISE"-

My first poem 

                   AGAIN I RISE

I was a boy who did not know how to play,
neither  I knew how to shape the clay..
I was not the strongest ,
neither I was the fastest...
The world seemed so large,
everyone tried to barge..
Sometimes I lived with the fear ,
All I wished, dad was near..
I had to pay the price,
but once again i rise...

There was a time when world seemed full of pleasure,
but what I lacked was some hidden treasure..
When all the things were just a fantasy,
I wished if money could grow on trees..
What life is all about i did not have a clue,
when all the good and the bad seemed so new..
I was walking on the road like a blind,
what will I do ,I was yet to find..
I had to pay the price,
but once again I rise...

Then I saw a dream with an open eye ,
all I dreamt was to fly..
I wanted to be a warrior ,
I didn't know there would come a barrier..
My dream got shattered,
for me nothing else mattered..
It was the day I had to cry,
it was the day my soul did die..
I had to pay the price ,
but once again I rise...

I went to a new world away from my mother ,
to make our future a little better.
Now I see the world with a new sight ,
hoping this time I will win the fight..
Success is not an easy bet,
but there is no fun until you sweat..
You can hit hard, I might fall
but once again I will stand tall..
The world will recognize my price ,
but once again I rise!!!!!

-Animesh Shah


  1. nice first poem :) ... Liked the enduring optimism throughout the poem. Will be back for more :)

  2. this is by far your best poem according to me..keep it up buddy..!!!

  3. Read this and really loved it :)

    I've added you as a recipient of Liebster Award.

    Here's the link:


    Enjoy yourself! :)


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